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Intelligent Haunting Theory, Partial

This is mostly a “throw it out there” theory that I have been milling around with, actually thinking I was alone in my madness. Then, I brought it up to a couple of other folks, just out of the blue, and they said “Hey, that has actually crossed my mind…”. So, I deem it “worth throwing out there”.

Hang with me, and I’ll also be showing my spiritual roots here.

[1 Corinthians 15:]
21 For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.
22 For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

Some are dead/ASLEEP IN CHRIST, others asleep in the dust of the earth, and others know not any thing and are perished.

[1 Thessalonians 4:16] For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

We shall not all sleep means we shall not all die, so sleep is a term describing death.

[1 Corinthians 15:51] Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,

The Old Testament saints who will awake to everlasting life, are not “dead in Christ” but sleep in the dust.

[Dan 12:2] And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

Ok, thanks for hanging in there :)

My point is not to get into the obvious heated debate that posts like this always seem to bring, but rather to support the aformetioned theory:

This theory assumes that what I believe (God’s Word) and what I have experienced first hand (what we call “Ghosts”) are indeed reality. Arguing those points are not the issue, so please, don’t comment if that’s your counter point. Although it could be possible to talk me out of believing in ghosts as spirits of the deceased, you are not going to convince me there is no God. Pewiod.
This theory also assumes that what the Bible says about those that have passed is correct..and I digress: As children, we are taught that when we die, we go to heaven or hell. When someone we know passes on, we wonder…where are they? We tell our children “grandma is in heaven with the angels”. As God’s Word states, this is not actually the case. All that die are “asleep”, waiting for the return of Christ. In between the event of one’s death and the return of Christ, we are in a suspended state, asleep. The “Death” that the bible refers to is actually the death of the soul, the “second death” where the lost soul is cast into the lake of fire. Death, in the bible, is actually the permanent removal of the soul from God’s presence. It’s not the mortal bodys physical death we so associate the term with today.

So, let’s move along… There are many references in the Bible where death is referred to as “sleep”. In a nutshell, depending on the person and their life, different things happened at death. Of two (asleep in Christ / asleep in the dust), infer that consciousness has been put “on hold”. This is very synonymous with sleep. While asleep, you are alive…your body and soul live on, but your conscious minute-to-minute awareness are no present. But, even in this suspended state, we can all attest to a fact: even though we are, for the most part, physically paralyzed and not in a conscious mental state, we can have a full mental awareness apart from reality. Dreams. Now, we also have to make a leap and say that the purpose of dreams is not fully known, and (the leap part) not 100% involved in “off line processing”, or cleaning out the mental junk. I assume that dreams have more than a physical basis for existing.

If this activity crosses over to the “asleep” that is referred to as death, we could imagine that, while in this consciously suspended state, it may be possible to dream. It may not be exactly the same dreaming that we know and love/hate in our mortal bodies, but would refer to any mental activity sustained by a person who’s physical body has died.

With me so far? Good…now, being away from the physical body and it’s constraints, thinking or dreaming may take on a bit more reality. In our physical world, our bodies release certain neurotransmitters, the monoamines (norepinephrine, serotonin and histamine), which completely shut down during REM. This causes REM atonia, a state in which the motor neurons are not stimulated and thus the body’s muscles don’t move. Lack of such REM atonia causes REM Behavior Disorder; sufferers act out the movements occurring in their dreams. So, without a physical body, it’s safe to assume that one would have a tendency to “act out” what they are “dreaming”.

As stated before, we do have to assume the former are true, and of course, if it weren’t I wouldn’t be going to Church or wasting time as a paranormal investigator in the first place. I bet you’ve already made the leap…if we can indeed “dream” while waiting on the End Times to pass, and we are not confined by a physical, paralyzed body while doing so, then it could be proposed that some intelligent, and even some “residual” hauntings could possibly be caused by the deceased persons dreams. Take some time. It may grow on you. It does help to explain some gnawing questions I’ve had. Why would someone passed on hang around a location for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years? Some, at least it seems, don’t. During their “sleep”, we could suppose that, being a former earth-bound walkin-around physical person, they will mostly dream about physical places they went during their life. Now unbound by a body, it may be possible that instead of just dreaming the experience, as a mortal body would, they may, at least in part, become “present” in the physical place of which they are dreaming. They cease to be an “earth bound spirit” who is “doomed to walk the ground looking for [insert object here]“.

I’ve always had a problem with that earth bound, restless spirit thing. It just doesn’t make sense. If the spirit were fully aware of physical surroundings, it seems that their plight would be obvious. Why would the white lady be seen along the road “looking for her baby” for 100 years? To believe that the spirit is performing such an activity infers that total mental consciousness of it’s true situation is not present in the first place. It makes much more sense that the “white lady” is remembering (dreaming of) a particular event or place during their life, for whatever reason. Even if the driving factor is her “lost baby”, it makes more sense that she is dreaming of the tragedy, not physio-spiritually “bound” to the earth in that spot, carrying on a fruitless search for all eternity. Grandpa’s rocking chair starts rocking because grandpa is “remembering” sitting in the chair. If grandpa could sense your presence in part or in whole, you could possibly become a player in his dream. This opens the door for meaningful true interaction.

Intelligent hauntings, at least a percentage, could possibly be the deceased remembering a certain thing in a certain way while a living person is present. Of course, this begs many questions…does it have to be a particularly lucid dream to them to perceive you? Are they still bound enough by time to “meet” the living in the 4th dimension? Maybe we can address those issues in future posts. But for now, I’ll propose that some intelligent hauntings could be the dead mentally present, although “asleep” (therefore dreaming) of a geographical, earthly location. Under the right conditions, a human presence may be able to perceive this “dream”, and possibly become a part of it.

Residual hauntings, again at least in percentage, could also be caused by this same phenomena. If grandma is “dreaming” of how she loved working in the garden, and, for whatever reason, is not aware of your presence, this could be perceived as a residual haunting. There would be no interaction, but instead of a “movie” that has been recorded in the environment, there is a physical presence, but just not aware of your presence. In my last post, I went over the theory of density relating to hauntings, namely residual hauntings. I am not a tee-totalist. I would never propose that one theory can explain it all. There are many cases of residual-type hauntings that do not fit any of the density theory. This theory partially covers the holes in that theory, and also fits some of the intelligent haunting criteria. It also addresses some of the problems I and other investigators have had with the “earth bound spirit” theories. A spirit, as many think, wouldn’t have a physical address. Let’s face it, it the earth-bound theory is true, and a person is bound to their house or place of death, they then have a physical address, just as real as the one Pizza Hut delivers your fresh pepperoni pies to. It allows us to let go of the idea that a spirit is manifest in a house, partially or wholly, twenty-four/seven. They no long reside there, they just “remember” there.

Why would a spirit take up permanent residence in a place that obviously doesn’t make sense any more, now that their is no need for the very reason we have a house in the first place? Yes, I know some will answer “They loved that house”, “that place was really special to Maw-maw”. But, if a spirit had total mental capacity and self-situational awareness, why would it stick around at a now empty, dilapidated old house? None of the things that made it a “home” are present, in many cases. The family it knew has moved on; the place is in ruins, etc. “Remembering” and being partially or wholly present during the spirits “dream” session make much more sense. It explains why we may see a spirit interacting with something that isn’t there, but may also respond to a person or register on recording equipment.

I encourage all responses.

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